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Dedication Page

 In loving memory of Chopper.

 June 6, 2006 to July 18, 2010. Chopper was the second pit bull to become part of our family. He was very special to us and as long as he had a ball he was happy. Approx. 4 mos. ago Chopper began losing weight. He spent so much time at the vet and lost weight so fast. He showed no signs of pain and he was a fighter. He wanted to live so I chose to fight for him and do everything in my power to save him. We ran so many tests and tried so many things. He had all of the classic signs of Myasthenia Gravis but his test come back negative. He was diagnosed with megaesophagus so we built a Baileys chair and began around the clock feedings. During his last week he quickly became worse and a feeding tube was placed. Three days later he passed. He will always be in our hearts and be greatly missed. We love you, boy.

In Loving Memory of Cujo

Passed Oct. 8, 2012. Cujo was a gentle giant and was so sweet. He never bothered anyone. He weighed almost 80 lbs and approx 3 weeks ago began having difficulty walking. He was in obvious pain. As we suspected the vet diagnosed him with hip dysplasia, severe arthritis and heartworms. We began cortisone injections and laser therapy even with our limited funding and no financial assistance. He improved quickly but, also, deteriorated quickly the last few days. By this morning he was crying with pain, had no feeling in his hind legs and was severely bloated from liver failure. We had done all we could do and could not allow him to suffer. He will be greatly missed and will remain in our hearts forever and always.